The Climate Justice Fund puts climate justice at the heart of its efforts and is the driving force behind all its operations.

We seek to address inequality and support vulnerable people, communities and legal initiatives in the global south.

We will support adaptation and activities that address loss and damage in addition to mitigation targeting the biggest polluters and high emitters, and we seek to do so through support of communities.

The Climate Justice Fund seeks to be transformative and to support a shift in the debate related to climate change and put more emphasis on human rights, especially of those most vulnerable, and confront false solutions that increase inequity and ecosystem degradation.

We will support initiatives as a priority, which seek to hold those most responsible for causing climate change to account.

The type of activities the CJF is looking to support include legal cases, petitions, internet platforms, convening and workshops, the development of legal tools for communities, studies and reports, databases, and building capacity of lawyers and communities in the global south.